Adjustment of status by marriage

Immigration attorneys - Adjustment of status by marriage - Work permits - Immigration Interviews - Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte
Immigration attorneys – Adjustment of status by marriage – Work permits – Immigration Interviews – Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte

Marriage-based immigration cases

Immigrants who entered the United States with a visa and married an American citizen, are eligible to adjust their status and obtain permanent residency. It doesn’t matter if you have exceeded the term of your visa and remained in the country undocumented. To begin the process of adjustment of status, you must submit the required documents and attend the interview with an immigration officer, who will verify that the marriage is in good faith and that it has not been arranged in order to obtain legal residency. If you entered the country without a visa, then you will need to ask for a “provisional pardon” to continue with the process.

  • After filing the paperwork you will reach your work permit in about two months.
  • We carefully prepare your applications for the interview with the immigration officer. We always recommend getting in advance all the necessary documents to be submitted for the interview.
  • Our attorneys will help you to prepare for your immigration interview.
  • We also will go with you to your interview to oversee the due process and to ensure you are treated fairly.

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