Ricardo Velasquez

Ricardo Velasquez, helping the latino families in North Carolina

Ricardo Velasquez, helping the latino families in North Carolina

Ricardo Velasquez was born in New Braunfels Texas in 1963. His father was a career enlistedman in the US Air Force during the Vietnam War. In 1973, the family relocated to Goldsboro, North Carolina. Velasquez studied at the US Air Force Academy and North Carolina State University where he received a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a Masters degree in Materials Engineering.

There after he worked as an engineer at the Microelectronics Center of North Carolina, DuPont and AVX. As an engineer Ricardo worked in clean room environments on Integrated circuit materials. He rose to the position of senior engineer in product development where he managed engineers and technicians doing research on advanced electronic materials. In 2002, Velasquez earned his law degree from North Carolina Central University.

Since becoming an attorney, Velasquez has focused his political efforts toward improving Hispanic voting power and defending all citizen’s civil rights. Before starting his law practice he worked for Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico and has since concentrated his law practice on Spanish speaking North Carolinians. He is the publisher of La Conexión Spanish Language Newspaper which has been the local voice of the Hispanic community since 1995.

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