Becoming an US Citizen

The I-601A waiver program will now benefit relatives of US residents
The new regulation of the ** The I-601A provisional waiver will potentially help thousands of immigrant families. Starting August 29 2016, spouses of legal permanent residents could also obtain a pardon before leaving the United States. Previously, only immediate relatives of US citizens could apply for this benefit.
Asilos, Residencia, Visas, Ciudadanía, TPS, DACA & DAPA.

Asilos, Residencia, Visas, Ciudadanía, TPS, DACA & DAPA.

Naturalization Attorneys

If you are interested in becoming a citizen of the United States, Velasquez & Associates can help you with apply for citizenship. At the law office of attorney Ricardo Velasquez we have all the experience needed to complete your naturalization process fast and hassle free.

Note that at the time of filling the Immigration forms to become a citizen, it is very important to fill them out in full, answering all the questions. If you forget something or make mistakes when entering the information, your application may be delayed or denied. Most likely you will have to proceed with an appeal. For more information on how to become a citizen contact us by phone to make an appointment:

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