Our hearts are with Orlando

At Velasquez and Associates we want to express our sincere support to all the families affected by this tragic incident.

Unidos por Orlando

Unidos por Orlando

Our firm does not condone any act of violence or any kind of discrimination. Day after day we see cases where people are being discriminated and treated unfairly. Latino immigrants, whether documented or undocumented, face particular difficulties when dealing with all types of issues.

Immigrants are often challenged by language barriers, dishonest practitioners, concerns about deportation and the complex American legal system. Immigrants need — and deserve — meaningful communication and legal counsel rooted in cross-cultural understanding and sensitivity to the needs of Latinos living in America. We understand that and our firm will stand next to those who need assistance.

“Regardless of race, religion, faith or sexual orientation, we’re all Americans, and we need to be looking after each other and protecting each other at all times in the face of this kind of terrible act.” Barack Obama

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