What kind of powers does the police have on the roads and highways?

You should always protect your best interest and your privacy!

Police powers on roads and highways

What are the powers of the police on roads and highways?

Raleigh- While driving on the roads or the state highways, be very careful. The police could pull you over if they suspect that you have committed an offense, such as driving without a license or speeding. If you are pulled over and the police officer thinks there is a high possibility of any illegal or criminal activity related to you or your vehicle, you could be detained and arrested. For example, if the officer suspects you ate driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, she could ask questions and ask you to take to tests to determined if you are intoxicated or not. In addition, this could lead to probable cause to go ahead and do a search on your car.

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However, it should be noted that such an event would be an exception to the legal procedures in general. If the police officer does not find signs of illegal activity then, you should not be stopped nor your vehicle should be searched. The general rule is that the officer would have to get a warrant to inspect your car.

If an officer stops you for a minor offense like speeding, the officer must only take about 15 to 20 minutes. If you were pulled over by a minor offence, then there is not any legal reason to be detained or for your vehicle to be searched.

You should always protect your best interest and your privacy! While it is required to provide general information such as your name and date of birth, it is also true that under the laws of the United States, you have right to protect your private information. Remember, the police is required to obtain a court order to do a search. You have the right to refuse to give information to the police. There is nothing wrong with refusing, courteously, not to answer any questions to the police.

These are your legal rights!


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