Suspended Driver’s License

If you have been charged with driving with a revoked license you must appear in court. Note that this is a very delicate situation.
There are three reasons why your license could be revoked:

  1. You received a citation in the past but you did not appear in court.
  2. You forgot to pay a ticket.
  3. You have more than four offenses.

Though Driving with a revoked license may sound like a minor traffic violation, it is not! If found guilty, you may have to serve 120 days in jail (or parole) and pay the court’s cost; Your car insurance would increase and the loss of your driving privilege would be permanent.

For these reasons, it is important to talk to a criminal attorney. Sometimes we can get a pardon from the judge. In some instances, if you have several pending charges, we can completely remove some of those charges against you. In other circumstances, if your license has not expired yet, we can fix your problem by requesting an active driver’s license. Several of our customers have problems because they have multiple identification documents with different names. Most of the time we can fix this problem with the DMV without risking jail.

Experienced Traffic Attorneys

At Velasquez & Associates, our staff would get your driving record before your court day. Then we will explain the consequences of each pending case. Our job is to avoid jail time and help you in the best way possible; We could even remove the suspension altogether so you could get your driver’s license back.

Velasquez and Associates has handled thousands of cases like yours. Our knowledge and relationships with the prosecutor’s office and judges could help you obtain a more favorable outcome. Our staff is ready to help with any legal issue that you may have.