What should I do if I get a ticket?

Nobody wants to be pulled over by the police. Sometimes even if you are not doing anything wrong, it could be a stressful experience to be stopped by the police. It could be even worse if you end up getting a traffic ticket. What should you do next?

The first thing you should when you get a traffic ticket is to stay calm. Then, you have to try to find the best solution to solve the problem. It is important to remember the day that you have to be present in court, otherwise, your license may be suspended.

Even if you have been told you can pay the violation without going to court, it is always best to talk to a lawyer. Working with a lawyer,  you may be able to get a pardon from the judge. Also, if you have more charges, your lawyer may remove some of those charges.Take into account that only paying for the violation without proper legal representation could increase your insurance dramatically.

If in the past you have received more than four traffic violations, if you forget to appear in court, or if you decide just simply pay, it is possible that your driver license could be revoked for accumulating too many points on your driving record. Insurance companies combine all the points accumulated by all the members who share the policy.

For these reasons it is important to talk with Velasquez and Associates to help with this issue. If you continue to accumulate more traffic violations, the consequences will be immediate and can affect you in the future. In Velasquez and Associates, we review your driving record prior to your court day. We will explain the consequences and the different options you have to fix this situation. Avoid getting points on your driving record otherwise your insurance premium will increase.

In most cases, you do not have to appear in court. Velasquez and Associates will do it for you. Why waste 3 or 4 hours of your valuable time having to go to court? It is more inexpensive to hire an attorney to handle the matter and avoid wasting time affecting your work.

Velasquez & Associates has handled thousands of cases like yours. Our knowledge and relationship with the prosecutor’s office and judges; may help you get a more favorable outcome. Our offices are ready to help with any legal issue that you require. Our staff will assist you in Spanish or English. We offer a personalized, friendly,  and professional service. For your convenience we open Saturdays from 10:00 to 02:00. Please call today and make an appointment to serve you personally at (919) 765-5645 at our office in Durham, at (919-838-2883) in Raleigh, or at (704-900-2430) in Charlotte. Your initial consultation is free.