No Operator’s License

A traffic ticket for No Operator’s License is typically issued when a driver does not have a driver’s license in her possession, her driver’s license is expired, or the driver doesn’t have a North Carolina driver’s license at all.

In recent years, state lawmakers have tightened the requirements to keep undocumented immigrants from obtaining drivers’ licenses in North Carolina. We have seen a dramatic increased in the amount of ticket issued to immigrants for NOL. These changes haven’t stopped hundreds of immigrants, who are not eligible for a driver’s license, from driving regularly. They still must drive to work to support their families.

Fortunately, we may be able to help you. If you have been issued a No Operator’s License ticket then please call Velasquez & Associates to discuss your case. We can pull your record and help you understand your options to solve your case and lessen the impact on your insurance.

Legal assistance in Spanish

Latino immigrants often face a language barrier when it comes to getting the legal help they need. Our firm was established to assist the Latino community and to protect the rights and interests of Latino families across North Carolina. Velasquez & Associates is here to help you answering all your questions about your NOL ticket.

Why Velasquez & Associates

Save money

Having traffic tickets can increase your insurance rates, lead to steep fines, and affect your driving record. We can work to help you avoid the accumulation of points or other consequences to your driving record and your car insurance. it may well be worth it to have a lawyer fight for you to try to get your ticket dismissed.

Peace of mind

Your best option is to hire an experienced attorney in traffic matters who will be able to obtained the most favorable outcome for you. Velasquez & Associates has handled thousands of No Operator’s License cases like yours. We can help you avoiding the accumulation of points or other consequences to your driving record and your car insurance.

Experienced traffic violation attorneys

With offices in Durham, Raleigh and Charlotte, our team of experienced traffic violation attorneys represent clients against all types of traffic violation charges throughout North Carolina’s Triangle region. We serve the communities of Chapel Hill, Durham County, Person County, Granville County, Orange County, Wake County, Nash County, Chatham County, Johnston County and Mecklenburg County.